The Faculty Inquiry Network is comprised of community college faculty from across California, working in teams to investigate a complex problem in basic skills education – a thorny, difficult question we need to grapple with to better understand how students learn, what’s getting in their way, and how to reach them.


Over the two years of the project, the 18 faculty teams receive grants to support their Inquiries; extensive resources, training, and coaching; and the chance to learn from colleagues around the state. The project also supports campuses to “go public” with their findings by developing compelling multimedia representations of what they are learning about students. Through these windows into teaching and learning, participants will enrich the state-wide effort to improve outcomes for students who arrive at the open doors of the community college system under-prepared for the demands of college.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Internet Marketing

In today’s post there is no doubt that you will learn a few great techniques to build as well as maintain an excellent online reputation so people determined to destroy your practice are stopped in their tracks. There is no doubt that you will discover how to master your online brand and reputation with one of these techniques.

So to get your patients involved with providing you with great reviews you will need to build a system to make it less complicated to let them leave their review online. Most dentists do not take time to understand the best ways of doing this. You can find out more about reputation marketing for dentists because you must make it easy as well as fun for them to leave reviews.

First it is important for you to develop your own system to get a five star reputation online witch you will need at least 10 reviews from real patients. The first thing to do is to set up your practice profile on business directories that publish reviews like Google+ , DRoogle and Yelp that are specific for you industry. You can learn more about marketing for dental practices at KL Dental Marketing.

You system will also need to promote getting reviews from your patients as a way to tap into the pool of patients that are enthralled with your services. You will also need to set up a system that monitors your online reviews to make certain your patients are still posting positive reviews and give you the option to reply to negative reviews.

Positive Has To Outweigh The Negative

If your practice is facing increasingly more complaints, that should tell you that there is something wrong within your practice, something that needs to be fixed. Some times it is even possible to use patients problems – and the professional way in which you as a dentist has dealt with them – as a way to enhance a good reputation and regain the confidence of anyone who may have had a bad experience at some point.